Linguistics (LING)

Linguistics Courses

LING 340     Linguistics  (4)

A survey of various models of linguistic description with emphasis on the generative-transformational approach to syntax. Special attention is given to linguistics and literary style, and to the relationship of linguistics to psychology and philosophy.

LING 401     Grammatical Diversity in U.S. English  (4)

Study of differences among varieties of English spoken in North America, focusing in particular on morphosyntatic variation: double modals ("I might could go to the store"), negative inversion ("Don't nobody want to ride the bus"), aspect marking ("Bruce be running," "I done pushed it"), "drama SO" ("I am SO not going to study tonight"), personal datives ("I need me a new printer"), positive "anymore" ("Gas is expensive anymore"). Emphasis on the grammatical richness and complexity of each variety. Debunking of the prejudice against examples of a natural grammatical diversity. Through a collaborative arrangement with Yale University, this course is available to Sewanee students who attend and participate in Yale class sessions in real-time via videoconferencing technology. Prerequisite: NOND 340 or LING 340.

LING 440     Independent Research  (2 or 4)

An opportunity to conduct field research or write a research paper on an advanced topic in linguistics. Research findings and work are presented in written form and also orally in a suitable academic venue. Prerequisite: LING 340, professor consent, and prerequisite override required.