Non-Degree Internship

ITRN 100     Non-Degree Summer Internship  (1)

Students in this course undertake a significant off-campus experiential learning opportunity, typically with a business, non-profit, governmental, or community-based organization. The internship links students’ interests with the acquisition of knowledge in an applied work setting. Through direct observation, participation, and reflection, students explore and assess career skills and strengths; critically examine the values, structure, and leadership of the internship organization; and identify and practice professional behaviors in the workplace. The course is graded on a credit/no credit basis and is administered by the Office of Career and Leadership Development, which establishes guidelines for summer internships and reviews and approves enrollment in this course. Credit earned in this course may not be applied to undergraduate degrees at the University of the South. Students may earn no more than one such credit during a summer term and the course may be repeated no more than two times (three credits maximum, none of which may apply to an undergraduate degree). Prerequisite: Only open to students approved by the Office of Career and Leadership Development.