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The University offers four semesters of Chinese, sufficient to satisfy the College’s foreign language requirement. Although a major or minor in Chinese is not currently offered, students may participate in study-abroad programs in China to extend their study of Chinese and to explore Chinese society. Further study of topics bearing on Chinese culture and history can be undertaken through coursework offered in the Asian studies program.

Requirements for the Minor in Chinese Studies

The minor requires successful completion of the following:

Course Requirements
CHIN 301Advanced Chinese4
CHIN 302C-Pop: Learning Chinese through Song Lyrics4
Select four additional course focusing on China: 116
Sacred Arts of China
Contemporary Chinese Art
Modern China through Fiction and Film
Gender and Sexuality in Modern Chinese Literature and Culture
The Comic and Sublime: An Introduction to Chinese Theater
China: Inside the Great Wall
Modern East Asia
Science and Medicine in East Asia, 1500 to the Present
Chinese Philosophy
Philosophical Issues in Daoism
China's Environmental Crisis
China and the World
Total Semester Hours24

Students are strongly encouraged but not required to study abroad in China or other Chinese speaking communi5es. A student may apply up to two courses from a study program to the minor. Each course must be approved by the steering committee of the Chinese Studies minor.

Professors: Brown, Peterman, S. Wilson

Assistant Professor: Tan

Chinese Courses

CHIN 103     Elementary Chinese I  (4)

An intensive introduction to the fundamentals of the language and culture with emphasis on developing conversational skills such as pronunciation.

CHIN 104     Elementary Chinese II  (4)

An intensive introduction to the fundamentals of the language and culture with emphasis on developing conversational skills such as pronunciation. Prerequisite: CHIN 103 or placement.

CHIN 203     Intermediate Chinese  (4)

An intensive study of Chinese grammar and further development of conversational skills, reading, and writing of pinyin and Chinese characters. Prerequisite: CHIN 104 or placement.

CHIN 301     Advanced Chinese  (4)

Emphasis on developing reading and writing skills in addition to conversational practice. Students will read and discuss materials from Chinese newspapers, magazines, and modern literature. Students will write short essays in simplified Chinese characters. Prerequisite: CHIN 203 or placement.

CHIN 302     C-Pop: Learning Chinese through Song Lyrics  (4)

Using lyrics of popular songs from the Sinophone world as primary materials, this course explores the musicality and intricacy of the Chinese language. This course also examines songs as vivid representations of the ethos of their respective eras, offering students a glimpse into the modern history of China and other Chinese-speaking communities. Taught in Chinese; not a singing course. Prerequisite: CHIN 301 or placement.

CHIN 444     Independent Study  (2 or 4)

An opportunity for advanced students to pursue topics of special interest. Conducted in Mandarin Chinese. Prerequisite: Instructor prerequisite override required.