Film Studies

The film studies minor combines study in two tracks: Film Theory (FT) and Film Production (FP). Film Theory includes film analysis and the exploration of film histories in relation to genre and diverse national cultures and encourages students to acquire a theoretical, comparative, and critical understanding of film as well as some appreciation for film production. Film Production focuses on the practice of film and video preparation within the context of film theory. As part of declaring the minor with the chair of the department, each student selects an advisor from program faculty in the appropriate track. Students in the Film Theory or Film Production tracks then select their courses in consultation with their advisor.

Requirements for the Minor in Film Studies

The minor requires successful completion of the following:

Course Requirements
Select one of the following:4
Introduction to World Cinema
History of Film I
History of Film II
Select one additional course in introductory film theory or film production:4
Film Theory (FT)
Introduction to World Cinema
History of Film I
History of Film II
Film Production (FP)
Line, Form and Space: Studies in Drawing, Photography and Sculpture
Color, Motion, and Time: Studies in Digital Art, Painting, and Video
Topics in Electronic and Interactive Art
Intermediate Documentary Projects in Photography
Select at least two additional courses in advanced film theory or film production: 18
Film Theory (FT)
The History of French Cinema
German Film
German Queer Cinema
History of Modern India through Cinema and Literature
The Outlaw in American Culture
Narrating Place/Space in Contemporary World Film
Polish Film
Body Film: Representing the Body in Contemporary World Cinema
Russian and Soviet Film
Decolonizing Filmmaking in Contemporary Spanish and Latin American Cinema
Film Production (FP)
The Lens and the Landscape: Documentary Studies and the Environment
Cutting Time: Topics in Contemporary Video Production and the Moving Image
Advanced Seminar in the Production of Video and the Moving Image
Select at least two additional approved electives from the above lists or from the courses below:8
Junior Seminar
American Animation, 1910-1960
Modern China through Fiction and Film
History of Film I
Spanish-American Short Fiction and Film
Total Semester Hours24

Thus, a film production student elects two courses in film theory and a film theory student elects two courses in film production.