Integrative Track

Requirements for the Major in Biology - Integrative Track

The major requires successful completion of the following:

Course Requirements 1,2
BIOL 130Field Investigations in Biology4
BIOL 133Introductory Molecular Biology and Genetics 34
BIOL 424Senior Seminar4
CHEM 120General Chemistry (Lab)4
or CHEM 150 Advanced General Chemistry (Lab)
Select three of the following courses12
Ecology (Lab)
Evolutionary Biology
Genetics (Lab)
Molecular Cell Biology
Molecular Methods (Lab)
Select 16 additional semester hours in Biology (BIOL) from courses numbered 200 or above: 2,3,4,616
Total Semester Hours44
Additional Requirements
A comprehensive examination

Courses numbered below 130 do not count toward the major.


At least four of the required and elective biology courses must have a laboratory.


NEUR 208NEUR 351, and NEUR 415 also count as upper level courses in Biology.


Students may only receive credit once for courses delivered as both lab and non-lab offerings.


The Department of Biology will allow an AP test score of 5 or a higher level IB test score of 6 or 7 to substitute for BIOL 133. Students should be advised that mastery of the material covered in BIOL 133 is important as majors will be tested on it during their comprehensive exams.


Students who have completed and passed the Island Ecology summer program (ESCI 240) may count it as one laboratory course in the major. For purposes of calculating GPA within the major, the grade for ESCI 240 will count as the equivalent of one biology class.