Community and Global Health Track

Requirements for the Certificate in Civic and Global Leadership - Community and Global Health Track

Courses in the community and global health track expose students to the nature and significance of health and health care to human life and social development. Students learn about the effects of health on the human condition, debates over what justice requires in terms of providing access to health care, as well as political and policy debates over access to health care, internationally, nationally, and locally.

This certificate of curricular study requires successful completion of the following:

Course Requirements
CIVC 200Introduction to Civic and Global Leadership4
CIVC 400Civic and Global Leadership Capstone4
Select twelve semester hours representing a minimum of two disciplines from following electives in Community and Global Health (attribute CVHE):12
Medical Anthropology
The Lens and the Landscape: Documentary Studies and the Environment
Principles of Human Nutrition
Human Health and the Environment (Lab)
Health Economics
Introduction to Medical Humanities: The Human Condition
Introduction to Sociology and Human Health
Introduction to Public Policy
The Politics of Aids
Global Health Governance
Health Psychology
Community Psychology
Seminar in Developmental Psychology: Human Development in Context
Total Semester Hours20