Environment and Sustainability

Requirements for the Major in Environment and Sustainability

The major requires successful completion of the following:

Course Requirements
ENST 101Introduction to Environmental Studies4
ESCI 220The Science of Sustainability4
ENST 421Environment and Sustainability Capstone4
ECON 335Environmental Economics4
Select eight credits from the following:8
Archaeological Resource Management and Policy
Energy Economics
Sustainability and Global Environmental Change Seminar
Sustainability and Global Environmental Change Field Studies
Environmental Policy and Law
Environmental Land-Use Policy
Water Resource Policy and Law
Introduction to Public Policy
China's Environmental Crisis
Environmental Politics and Policy
Select one of the following:4
Fundamentals of GIS
Elementary Statistics
Select one course numbered 100 or above in Biology, Chemistry, Forestry and Geology, or Physics 14
Select three additional approved electives to fulfill the designated focus topic 212
Total Semester Hours44
Additional Requirements
A comprehensive examination

This requirement cannot be satisfied with the same course used to meet the G5/G5E requirement. However, ESCI 240 may be used to satisfy this requirement, even if it is also used to meet the G5/G5E requirement.


Students design their own focus in collaboration with their advisor and two faculty members participating in the program (or two participating faculty if one is their advisor). This focus must contain three courses from a minimum of two departments (preferably three) that have a central theme related to the student’s senior capstone project. Courses in environmental economics and policy not selected to fulfill a requirement may be applied toward a focus. An appropriate special topics course or independent study (ESCI 444) may also be used to satisfy one of the foci requirements. The Environment and Sustainability Steering Committee must approve each self-designed focus prior to the end of the first semester of the junior year. The ultimate goal of the foci is to provide students with a cohesive interdisciplinary experience while preparing them to complete capstone projects, in collaboration with faculty mentors, that offer substantial research potential.