Natural Resources and the Environment

Natural Resources and the Environment is an interdisciplinary environmental major that integrates coursework in forest ecosystems and geology with the broad range of potential environmental coursework offered at Sewanee.

Requirements for the Major in Natural Resources and the Environment

The major requires successful completion of the following:

Course Requirements
FORS 121Introduction to Forestry (Lab)4
GEOL 121Physical Geology (Lab)4
FORS 332Oral Presentations2
or GEOL 332 Oral Presentations
Select 5 courses in Forestry (FORS) or Geology (GEOL) numbered 200 level or above 1, 220
Select at least two lab science courses in BIOL, CHEM, ENST, ESCI, or PHYS8
Select at least two elective courses from the following: 3, 48
Archaeological Resource Management and Policy
Any course in Biology (BIOL)
Any course in Chemistry (CHEM)
Any course in Environmental Studies (ENST)
Any course in Environmental Science (ESCI)
Any course in Forestry (FORS)
Any course in Geology (GEOL)
Any course in Physics (PHYS)
Total Semester Hours46

Must include at least one writing intensive course (attribute GMWI).


A field camp or research experience that has been pre-approved by your major advisor may substitute for up to 4 credits


Any course throughout the college with overarching themes related to natural resources or the environment may be counted towards the major with prior approval by the faculty advisor and department chair.


Students are encouraged to take one or more courses with an emphasis on environmental economics and/or environmental policy and equitable stakeholder participation.

Additional Requirements
A comprehensive examination
Department capstone requirement, which may be satisfied by:
a. Completing independent study project that culminates in a technical paper or a presentation at Scholarship Sewanee which as been approved by the department chair as fulfilling this requirement; or,
b. Completing a summer research experience, such as an NSF REU or Sewanee SURF which as been approved by the department chair as fulfilling this requirement; or,
c. Completing ESCI 450 during the spring semester of their senior year.