Creative Writing - Playwriting Track

Requirements for the Major in Creative Writing - Playwriting Track

The major requires successful completion of the following:

Course Requirements
ENGL 101Literature and Composition4
Select three of the following:12
The Life and Literature of Tennessee Williams
Shakespeare I
Shakespeare II
Power Plays: Modern and Contemporary Drama
Select three of the following:12
Elements of Performance
Fundamentals of Design
Fundamentals of Acting
Global Theatre I: Antiquity to Early Modern Theatre and Performance
Writing for Solo Performance
Fundamentals of Directing
WRIT 207Beginning Playwriting Workshop4
WRIT 215Forms of Drama4
WRIT 307Intermediate Playwriting Workshop4
WRIT 407Advanced Playwriting Workshop4
Total Semester Hours44
Additional Requirements
A comprehensive exercise is required 1

The comprehensive exercise for Creative Writing majors in the Playwriting track includes the following: the creation of a play, working with a faculty advisor; a formal essay placing that play within a larger understanding of contemporary creative writing, focusing on both form and content; and a reading of the play with actors.


A student who maintains a 3.33 grade point average in creative writing and theatre courses and earns a grade of B+ or above on the comprehensive exercise is eligible to pursue an honors project. The honors project consists of a critical thesis on some element of creative writing, looking at established works of literature through the lens of craft.