Environmental Studies

Requirements for the Minor in Environmental Studies

The minor requires successful completion of the following:

Course Requirements
ENST 101Introduction to Environmental Studies4
Select five courses from the following two categories with at least two courses from each:20
Humanities and Social Sciences (attribute ESHS)
Archaeology of North America
Anthropology and Environmental Justice
Ecological Anthropology
Place, Ritual, and Belief
Archaeology of the Cumberland Plateau
Environmental Archaeology
Archaeological Resource Management and Policy
Field School in Archaeology
The Lens and the Landscape: Documentary Studies and the Environment
Sustainable Structures
Environmental Economics
Introduction to Environmental Education
Poetry, Nature, and Contemplation
American Environmental Literature
Walking the Land
Introduction to Environmental Studies
Readings in Island Ecology
Introduction to Environmental Arts and Humanities
Foundations of Food and Agriculture
Sustainability and Global Environmental Change Seminar
Sustainability and Global Environmental Change Field Studies
Fundamentals of GIS
Environment, Conservation, and Policy Issues in Ecuador
Environmental Challenges: Linking the Global to the Local
Native Americans and Land Use
Equitable Environmental Education
Ecosystem Services
Advanced Applications of GIS
Environmental Policy and Law
Environmental Land-Use Policy
Marine Policy and Conservation
Environmental Arts and Humanities Capstone
Independent Study
Water Resource Policy and Law
Environmental History
History of Southern Appalachia
History of Conservation and Wilderness Preservation
What is Nature?
Environmental Ethics
Political Theory of the Environment
International Environmental Policy
Religion and Animals
Religious Environmentalism
Religion and Ecology
Greening Buddhism
Environmental Literature and the History of Science and Ecocide in the USSR
Food, Agriculture, and Social Justice in Southern Appalachia and Beyond
Latin American Literature and the Environment
Natural Sciences (attribute ESSC):
Field Investigations in Biology
Ornithology (Lab)
Plant Ecology (Lab)
Advanced Conservation Biology
Ecology (Lab)
Biodiversity: Pattern and Process (Lab)
Environmental Physiology of Plants (Lab)
Human Health and the Environment (Lab)
Rainforests and Coral Reefs
Cave Biology
Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems (Lab)
Plant Evolution and Systematics (Lab)
Microbiology (Lab)
Introduction to Earth Science (Lab)
Freshwater Conservation
Ecological Integrity in Agriculture
Island Ecology (Lab)
Introduction to Forestry (Lab)
Forest Wildlife Management
Dendrology (Lab)
Tropical Forest Ecology and Management
Fisheries Ecology and Management (Lab)
Urban Forest Management
Forests: Food, Medicine, and More
Forest and Watershed Restoration (Lab)
Soils (Lab)
Forest Ecology (Lab)
Hydrology (Lab)
Natural Resource Management and Decisions
Physical Geology (Lab)
Historical Geology (Lab)
Earth Systems and Climate Change
Soils (Lab)
Economic Geological Resources (Lab)
Hydrology (Lab)
Total Semester Hours24